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How to install: download the two rar files,extract the first one to one of the partitions And open the exe file to play

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A Challenging Real Time Strategy Game – War Zone Middle East

Some people consider an RTS game is difficult. There are always new players with a better strategy. These people try to learn new strategies for the next match. That means an average player isn't able to win lots of game without joining a community. Why? He or she doesn't receive enough knowledge regarding the game. What about War Zone the Middle East? It's a new game. Like the name implies, it's the war game. Players are able to play it either on Mac or Windows. The creator is Arian Studio.

The Groups

The best thing is that the creator always comes with a new project. They want to develop War Zone Middle East into the best war RTS game. The latest project is related to the commanders. Players are allowed to choose their general. The war is about the control over oil resources in the Middle East. There are three factions available. They are the UNI, RJC, and G.A.O. Each of them has a distinct goal in the war. Not to mention they have different specialties.

UNI: It's the united western nations. UNI was created after the great economic issue in 2017. The big countries decided to work together to take over the oil resources in the Middle East. Their prime enemy is G.A.O forces. UNI has an advantage in terms of armor and weaponry. Not to mention they have special squads. With all these attack powers, they should be able to eradicate the enemies instantly.

RJC: It's the united superpowers in the far northern and east Hampshire. They realize that money isn't everything. They need more power by conquering the Middle East. As the richest region in the world, the Middle East becomes the new war arena. RJC is equipped with hi-tech military power and heavy artillery. They are quite confident with their powerful weaponry.

G.A.O: This is a blood-thirsty local militia group. Actually, they are united illegal groups in the Middle East. They love to kill both enemies and local citizens. Their special ability is guerilla combat tactic. They have the capability to camouflage while killing their enemies. They are the big obstacle for the UNI.

More about the Game

As mentioned earlier, the creator always makes new updates over time. Recently, there are new buildings and forces for the UNI. They will make some updates for both RJC and G.A.O, too. UNI has a new command center. It improves UNI's power as they are able o use super weapons. The barrack also has an update. UNI's barracks are able to train Special Forces. The other updates are new air base, navy units, power station, war factory, oil station, and navy base.

War Zone Middle East brings back the old memory. People were used to playing Command and Conquer. This time, they need to think critically to deal with the pressure and challenge in this new RTS game. Real Time Strategy game is hard. There are many things to do like managing resources, building war machines, expanding territory, and deploying good war strategies. Not to mention each faction has a special power. Players need to choose their leader wisely.


War Zone Middle East Alpha


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looks good. is there a faction that looks russian? :D